The monty® 8100s center post tire changer is designed for easy use with minimal training of technicians reducing shop overhead and adding to your bottom line. Traditional center post design coupled with Hofmann's innovative feature set makes this tire changer highly productive and reduces the risk of wheel damage.

  • Part Number:  EEWH768AC

  • Swing Arm Style Mount/Demount

    • Traditional mounting head with tire lever
    • Quick change design, non-marring plastic and metal mount/demount tools included
  • Bead Pusher/Tire Lifting Tool

    • Integrated bead pusher assists in the mount/demount process of the upper bead
    • Tire lifting tool aids the technician with the demounting process
  • Hand Activated Bead Breaker

    • Side mounted bead breaker
    • Thumb switch activation at the point of use
  • Center Post Clamp Design

    • Reduces risk of wheel damage
    • Accommodates a wider range of wheel sizes
  • smartSpeed

    • Rotational speed maximized by automatic inverter control
    • Variable from 7 RPM to 20 RPM offering the highest possible speed for maximum productivity
  • Integrated Wheel Lift

    • Assists technicians with lifting and positioning heavy tires/wheels on the machine
    • Integrated roller board eases bead breaking
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Hofmann monty 8100s
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Tire Changer Accessory Catalog
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Center Clamp


The center-clamp design has numerous benefits: most important is the drastically reduced risk of damage and that there are no restrictions of the turntables with clamping jaws.

Conventional Mounting Head


The mounting head with tire lever and the on-side bead breaker are a favourite choice of operators, combining familiar design with fast operation.



Innovative, patented technology that optimizes the torque applied to the wheel and automatically sets the maximum rotation speed of the wheel accordingly.

Wheel Lift


The ergonomic wheel lift reduces fatigue on the operator and increases productivity.

Optional Quick-Exchange Device with Plastic Mounting Head


Owing to the quick exchange device, steel and plastic mounting heads can be quickly swapped over

Mount/Demount tool technology M/D tool & bead lever
Tower technology Automatic swing arm
Clamping System Automatic pilot hole
Tool vertical positioning Pneumatic
Jaw type
Clamping range 12" - 26"
Outside clamping range
Inside clamping range
Max wheel width 381 mm
Max wheel width 15 inch
Max. Wheel diameter 1120 mm
Wheel diameter 44 inch
Breaking force 12 kN
Breaking force
Rotation speed 7-20 RPM
Speed control smartSpeed
Max. torque 1200 Nm
Max. torque
Bead seating- Top-side inflation
Easymont pro
Wheel lift Standard
Capability 70 kg
Power supply 230 VAC 1Ph 50/60 Hz
Power supply (Amperage) 17 A
Installed motor power 0.9 kW
Dimensions LxWxH 1470 x 1020 x 1930
Dimensions LxWxH 58" x 40" x 76"
Weight 485 Kg
Max. sidewall height inch

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